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Need to send a confidential and anonymous tip or message to someone?  Or, perhaps you want to send a message as a secret admirer?  Maybe you are wanting to relay an anonymous legal and/or non-threatening warning or notice to someone? Is a spouse or partner making the wrong decisions in the relationship where an anonymous message may do some good in letting them know someone does care and wants them to make the right decisions?  Does the person who your partner has been seeing, need to get a "wake up call" to stop disrupting the relationship?  Well.. now you can! The messages never get traced back to our clients - EVER.

Terms of Service: Any illegal, harassing, vulgar, and/or abusive messages will not be sent at our discretion and service fee will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever, nor shall our firm be held to any liabilities as a result of forwarding your communication and buyer executing this service accepts all responsibilities and liabilities of any of its causes and effects.  If you get the positive results you were looking for later after sending your message, please use our Inquiry Form and let us know of your great results and satisfaction! - Thank you.

Service fee per message: $5.50
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Needing to first know the person's new number, current address, or email address? Are they on any Social or Dating Sites?
If the person you are wanting to send your private and anonymous text or email message to has changed their number or you just don't know the number, you can provide us with a name, any previous known numbers, date of birth, and last known state of residence of the person (at least a full name and the state you think the person lives in or previous phone number(s).  We will then use that information and search restricted databases (that's correct, they are not readily available to the public without a long application process and showing of professional licenses) - for attempting to obtain their most current or newest cellular or LAN phone numbers. If you are wanting a current phone number, physical address, email, or to verify if the person uses any social sites like Facebook, or Dating sites like eHarmony.com, you can make that selection as well however, we require that you give us a simple legitimate reason for wanting that information when you are redirected to the form page to submit the information to our firm. These searches are independent of the sending anonymous message services.  Feel free to use any of the services or combination of services.

Terms of Service For Searches: Our firm is LICENSED to access RESTRICTED DATABASES that cover every type of information on a person, imaginable.  However, we cannot guarantee what may be found or not found.  It costs our company to access this information regardless if we find out the person doesn't have a new number, new address, or other information thought to have. Nonetheless, we have very high success rates in finding exactly what our clients are needing to verify (and many times more good information than they expected to get).  The restricted databases that we access, are used by debt collectors, attorneys, police detectives, financial institutes, and many other licensed professionals, which gives our clients the best possible information (much more accurate and reliable than Intellius and similar public non-restricted data vendor services).

Service Fees:
Current Phone Numbers Search: $14.50

Current Address Search: $14.50

Both Current Phones & Address Searches: $24.50

Email Search: $13.50

Social Sites Search: $14.50

Dating Sites Search: $15.50

ALL THE ABOVE - Current Phones, Addresses,
Emails, Social & Dating Sites Searches: $45.50
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Message! We can also Search RESTRICTED Databases for: Current Emails, Current Phone Numbers & Ownerships, Current Addresses, Social & Dating Sites, & Much More....
consultation & quote.  Reveal infidelity and the truth.
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